Griffon has enjoyed our working with AVID over a number of years. They have provided excellent service on several projects and for Griffon product developments. They will be helping us optimize rotor blades on an upcoming Griffon product. I frequently recommend them to business associates.

— Larry French, CEO/CTO, Griffon Aerospace

With extensive aeronautical engineering experience in-house, AVID maintains a proven capability in the engineering assessment of current and future technologies to improve performance.  These assessments are empirically based and utilize the exceptional aeronautical toolset AVID has developed. By providing analytical performance evaluation and improvement recommendations with objective backup data, our customers are often amazed and pleased at all we are able to accomplish in a very short timeframe. The objective analysis of technology concepts and needs is one of AVID’s core capabilities, and the company is structured to maintain that objective viewpoint.

AVID combines engineering and software development to advance conceptual and preliminary design methodologies for all types of air vehicles.  The company’s intent is to develop advanced concept analysis methods, to validate them against available data and to document the process of the analyses.  In this way, the analysis methods are captured in a more complete way than the “quick and dirty” spreadsheet analyses that are so prevalent in conceptual design today. AVID’s ability to codify and document the methods, assumptions and validation assures the customer’s confidence in the results and reuse of fundamental methods.

Finally, AVID has developed a reputation for data visualization. In our customer’s words, we have “made sense of a very complex data set in a way that shows you have come to understand our business in a very short time.” The result of successfully combining software development and engineering expertise has augmented our capabilities with great value to our customer community.