AVID EDF-8 is an electric ducted-fan UAV engineered and designed to navigate indoors, outdoors, and in tight spaces. In addition to providing significant lift, the duct provides safety by shrouding the high speed fan.  

This professionally engineered vehicle can carry up to a 1 pound payload to meet the customer’s requirements. It is soccer ball-sized and capable of vertical takeoff and hovering flight.  The ducted-fan architecture of AVID EDF-8 makes it compact, easy to deploy, and more cost effective than other comparable platforms.

The specifications and features are outlined below:           

  • Payload 1 lb.
  • Man Packable
  • Range 0.62 miles
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Diameter 10 inches
  • Wireless Data Link
  • Able to fly in and out of GPS aided position control
  • Endurance 30 Minutes
  • Quiet, Hover and Stare
  • Maximum Weight 3 lbs. (with payload)
  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing
  • Operating Altitude 0-500 ft. AGL
  • Accommodates Mission Specific Payload
  • Check out EDF-8 Flights on our YouTube channel

Public Debut
Flight Demonstration 
Warehouse Inspection
Outdoor Flight