AVID PAGE (Parametric Aircraft Geometry Engine) is a rapid parametric modeler that allows the user to think in terms of standard aircraft parameters and quickly develop advanced concepts.  PAGE's intuitive graphical user interface enables the user to create and display 3-D geometries. Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) are supported for creating curvature continuous geometry.

The PAGE mass properties feature calculates individual component weights and moments of inertia based on user-specified densities.  PAGE uses this information to automatically compute the complete vehicle center of gravity and other mass properties.  Results are visually presented in weight breakdown charts and tables.

Users have the option to feed PAGE geometries to AVID APEX or AVID VorView for aerodynamic analysis. As the first step in the design process, PAGE can also export surface geometry to CAD and grid generation tools. The compatibility of PAGE with other design and analysis tools makes it an invaluable component in the aircraft design process.


AVID PAGE Data Sheet

AVID PAGE Intro Video

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