AVID’s CFD work optimized how we could get two wing designs from one mold and they nailed our horizontal stabilizer incidence for our design point.
— Larry French, CEO/CTO, Griffon Aerospace

AVID holds over 30-man years expertise in applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).  Our capability spans the range from linear theory methods to Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes solvers. We provide computational analysis and design of configurations ranging from 2-D airfoils to fan and rotor blades to complete configuration analysis. Our linear theory tools are well suited for the preliminary design environment, providing rapid turn-around of analyses of aircraft and ducted-fan configurations. 

                    CFD for AVID EDF-8 UAV

                    CFD for AVID EDF-8 UAV

The tools we employ include the NASA developed TetrUSS system, and FUN3D, CFL3D, and OVERFLOW Navier-Stokes solvers, as well as commercial products GRIDGEN/Pointwise grid generator.

AVID engineers utilize Tecplot for detailed solution analyses and flowfield visualization. AVID employs an inverse design capability using the CDISC method coupled with these codes.

In utilizing these tools with our in-house, 32-CPU Linux cluster, we can quickly provide analyses of high speed fixed wing configurations to hovering rotary wing vehicles.  These results are integrated back into the design cycle to enhance that process and significantly reduce design costs.

Read how AVID CFD Streamlines Fan & Stator Designs (.pdf)
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