Examining power and overhead lines

Safely and Efficiently Maintain Lines When Using Ducted Fan UAVs

Inspecting power and overhead lines is a slow process and also very dangerous. Men and women put on ropes and harnesses to climb towers and utility poles to examine above ground lines. They spend time scaling the towers and poles, then spend even more time examining the structure to make sure it repairs or adjustments. The inspection is time-consuming and puts these inspectors at great risk the higher they climb in the air for the inspection.



Employing a ducted fan UAV for these inspections saves time for the line inspectors and eliminates all danger. Keep your line inspectors safely on the ground and use a ducted fan UAV, equipped with a camera that live-streams the footage to the operator to inspect the lines. Ducted fans can hover and stare at a specific target longer than equivalent fixed wing UAVs. This allows the inspector to examine specific areas of interest in the most effective way possible, saving time and money.

AVID EDF-8 is easily and quickly deployed, getting vital information into the hands of the user as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because they are compact, ducted fan UAVs allow the operator to navigate the lines and poles closely. Because the UAVs propeller is shrouded, the vehicle is safer than open-wing vehicles and will not damage the lines or towers.

Line Inspection Data Sheet

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