Cover ground more efficiently and effectively than traditional methods by using a ducted fan UAV.

Farmers and businesses throughout the agriculture industry are looking to use unmanned air vehicles to improve management of crops and products with data collection, crop inspection and precision pesticide and fertilizer application.

A thorough and speedy way to cover all sides of crop management is by use of a ducted fan unmanned air vehicle. Ducted fan vehicles like AVID EDF-8 are being used for various agricultural applications, such as:

  • precision spray applications of pesticides and/or fertilizer
  • inventory
  • crop monitoring
  • water and nutritional level inspection
  • pest montoring
  • field mapping
  • and much more.

The ducted fan UAV deftly navigates and inspects crops with its unique ability to hover and monitor specific areas of interest. A lot of data is collected in a short amount of time, saving the farmer or business time and money.

Go to AVID EDF-8's information page to learn more about the vehicle's capabilities and features.

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