First responders and law enforcement need protection, too.

Our ducted fan UAVs can help with that.

AVID's ducted fans protect and serve the public, particularly in the realm of public safety. Law enforcement and first responders such as medical personnel can utilize AVID's ducted fans to assess the best and safest way to solve a problem. Ducted fan unmanned air vehicles are advantageous in evaluating numerous circumstances: aiding in search and rescue operations, apprehending suspects that are trying to outrun law enforcement and more. Because AVID's ducted fan UAVs are customizable, they can be equipped with cameras or video cameras that can record and live-stream footage to the user. Having an extra pair of eyes in a dangerous situation can mean life or death for law enforcement, first responders and the people they are trying to assist.

This photo depicts a possible scenario that medical personnel or law enforcement might respond to. AVID's feature ducted fan, AVID EDF-8, is deployed into the wreckage, finds injured people and alerts first responders to their location. This saves valuable time, energy and even the lives of both the victims and rescuers.

Public Safety Data Sheet

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