AVID ACS (AirCraft Synthesis) is a widely-used interdisciplinary aircraft synthesis program for application in the early design stages of an aircraft and can be used in conceptual design studies of numerous vehicles. From small UAVs to supersonic STOVL fighters, ACS is an excellent tool for getting the right answer earlier in the design process.

ACS 5.0.0 Features 

  • Ability to design and model various aircraft types including manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, short takeoff and vertical landing, transports, fighters and cargo aircraft.
  • Geometry-based design through an easy to use GUI or in command-line mode for batch operation.
  • Supply your own engine data or use one of ACS' propulsion models, including turbofan cycle analysis, and turboshaft--or piston engine--propeller combinations.
  • Detailed aircraft takeoff and landing anaylses including conventional and STOL & VTOL modes. Analyze wings equipped with high lift devices.
  • Economics analysis for transport designs.

Two versions of AVID ACS 5.0.0 are available for purchase: 

  • AVID ACS with GUI
  • AVID ACS with command-line

Both versions are available for Windows and Mac. Contact us for pricing and availability today!

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