The primary assignment for the candidate will be to perform engineering analyses of advanced aircraft designs, with an emphasis on the analysis of flight dynamics and control of unmanned systems. This requires detailed knowledge of the multidisciplinary aspects of design including: aircraft performance, aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, stability and control. The candidate will have working knowledge of computers and computational tools. Matlab, CAD, CFD, FEA and other simulation tools are regularly used on AVID projects. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, are required to transmit the knowledge gained through analysis to the customer.


  • The candidate will develop and apply advanced 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) flight dynamics models, develop and implement control laws in simulation, hardware in the loop simulation, and flight vehicle. The will also Collect and analyze data from various aerodynamics simulation and test sources.

  • The candidate will be proficient at Flight Test of unmanned systems and be able todevelop flight test plans to evaluate flight performance, stability and control through the full flight envelope, support flight testing, data analysis, and system evaluation, and learn from testing to improve the overall flight dynamics and implement risk reduction strategies.


The candidate will develop methods that support the engineering design and analysis task. This will include researching traditional design methods, deriving new methods, and validating the methods against available data. A primary tool of AVID is software, and the software development process. The candidate will apply software tools and techniques to diverse system development, analysis and optimization problems.

  • The candidate will need to read and develop software in C/C++, MatLab/Simulink, Python, and other high level languages. This will be used as a means to capture new design methodology.


  • The candidate will develop and apply project management skills to all assignments. Time tracking, task planning and schedule development are fundamental in the completion of customer tasks in a timely and cost effective manner. Tools and techniques of communicating in the company and with the customer to identify and mitigate project related issues will be used.

  • The candidate will have the experience required to plan and perform technical leadership of projects that involve multiple people.

  • The candidate will be able to speak to the customer and communicate project progress and challenges in an objective manner.


The candidate will be required to develop proposals for all levels of jobs, from small single person tasks to large multi-year projects. Research into the current state of the art, trends in customer needs, and understanding AVID’s strengths and competition is required to help write effective proposals.


  • The candidate will work to develop their technical capability in terms of breadth of disciplinary skill to improve their ability to solve engineering problems.

  • The candidate will identify technical interests and a path of developing a depth of knowledge to make that person a “world class expert” in their chosen field.

  • The candidate will work to cross train individuals in AVID to increase the company capability and to ensure long-term viability of engineering projects.


  • AVID is a company that is built on the philosophy that people complete more as a team than as individuals. The candidate will operate as a team member.

  • The candidate will work as a team leader to build and maintain processes and relationships and mentor junior members of the team.

  • The candidate will work to develop team skills and to look at ways for AVID to collectively develop stronger teaming skills and techniques.

  • AVID employs interns on a regular basis to provide paths to the future for both AVID and students. The candidate will work to integrate interns with project teams in a constructive environment.

Bachelor's of Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering


  • Send cover letter and resume to jobs@avidaerospace.com

  • Please let us know

    • How many years of 6DOF experience do you have?

    • How many years of Aero Engineering - UAV experience do you have?

    • How many years of C/C++ experience do you have?

    • How many years of MatLab/Simulink experience do you have?

    • How many years of Python or other high level language experience do you have?

    • What is the highest level of education you have completed?

    • Are you in Yorktown, VA?

    • Are you authorized to work in the following country: United States?

    • Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?

  • Please include two references