AVID is a leader in conceptual vehicle design for UAVs, fixed wing, V/STOL, and rotor-craft. 

AVID personnel possess the knowledge, experience, and design tools to provide first class expertise in several areas of conceptual aircraft design, such as aircraft simulation and modeling. We provide established, dependable aircraft design software with a multidisciplinary base of expertise for any air-vehicle project. Our experience with vehicles from the conceptual design stage to successful flight help you to reduce overall design to production costs.

Our experience with flight dynamics, energy budget, and weight requirements allows us to assist in the creation of a realistic design with minimum modifications. The builds models that are used in the simulation of ducted fans, traditional fixed wings, and hybrid vehicles.

AVID, in partnership with Honeywell, has assisted in the design of the first-ever deployed VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) ducted-fan micro air vehicle (MAV) as part of an accelerated DARPA project. AVID provided unique design expertise as well as comprehensive design and analysis tools. The company supplied aerodynamic performance analysis for the vehicle and designed many of the aerodynamic components including the fan, stators, and control vanes.