About T-Hawk

AVID, in subcontract with Honeywell, assisted in the design of T-Hawk, a ducted-fan micro air vehicle (MAV) as part of an accelerated DARPA project. T-Hawk is an unmanned micro air vehicle that provides real-time situational awareness in critical situations with over 30,000 hours total flight hours.


With unique hover-and-stare capability, T-Hawk supports advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) with real-time video documentation. Combat-proven since 2007, the T-Hawk features vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). T-Hawk is easy to assemble and can be airborne within 10 minutes and stay in flight for 45-50 minutes. Carrying a variety of payloads, T-Hawk can be configured to support a broad range of missions.


AVID is licensed to use and sell the Honeywell T-Hawk. We have enjoyed adding this vehicle to our UAV family of products and bringing this unmanned technology to the market. 

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T-Hawk Data Sheet

Honeywell press release "Honeywell Continues to Expand Commercial Unmanned Vehicle Technology"