Better Geometry Leads to Better Models, Better Models Lead to Great Designs.


Ducted Fans

Ducted Fan UAVs are available for limitless applications (see left sidebar for some of the markets AVID's UAV platform family services)

AVID designs ducted fan propulsors for all types of vehicles - from backpackable hovering UAVs, to fixed wing HALE concepts. The fan design considers aerodynamic, acoustic performance, and structural considerations for a balanced, optimized design that can be tailored to the customer's specifications and priorities. An interactive design process is utilized to iterate on a design that will meet performance goals and integrate smoothly with the vehicle and powerplant.

A typical ducted fan design would include the following tasks:

An iteration of the fan design will be conducted to optimize the fan once integration aspects of the fan are determined. If the original fan needs to be modified to achieve performance goals, then additional design trades will be undertaken. Fan performance predictions will document figure of merit and design options.


AVID EDF-8 is a micro-aerial-robot platform designed to navigate indoors and in tight spaces. In addition to providing significant lift, the duct provides safety by shrouding the high speed fan. To read more about AVID's featured ducted fan, go to the EDF-8 page here.

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