AVID brings software engineering together with aerospace methodologies.

Utilizing our internal aircraft design codes, AVID offers quick turnarounds on vehicle assessments. We utilize existing data that can manipulate and scale concepts.  Accurate simulation of vehicle performance allows objective requirements and technology development decisions. Design characteristics, payload requirements, mission requirements, and operational concepts can be developed based on analysis results, allowing trade studies to be performed in a rapid and inclusive manner.

AVID's extensive experience with vehicles from the conceptual design stage to successful flight will help you optimize your design process. Our experience with flight dynamics, energy budget, and weight requirements allows us to help you create a realistic design with a minimum of modifications.

When it comes to matching a mission to vehicle, our approach allows us to rapidly assess performance of radically different vehicles on diverse missions. The scope of our analysis includes factors such as the number of vehicles and families of different vehicles required to perform a mission. In our analysis of alternatives (AoA), we address:

  • Cost trades
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Turn-around times
  • Reliability
  • Basic vehicle performance