Wind Tunnel Testing Capabilities

AVID performs wind tunnel testing to characterize vehicle aerodynamics and propulsion parameters.

Wind tunnel testing capabilities include:

  • Design and fabrication of supporting hardware
  • Determine appropriate testing procedures and plan data collection
  • Conduct wind tunnel testing and data collection
  • Reduce data and provide in user-friendly format
  • Validate aerodynamic and control system effectiveness models
  • Offer technical assistance interpreting data

Wind Tunnel Database Creation

A Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Model (WAM) generated from wind tunnel data can be used for simulation or control law development.

Wind tunnel data modeling capabilities includes:

  • Development in MATLAB, Simulink, or C/C++
  • Applicable to data supplied by customer or collected by AVID
  • Continuous representation of vehicle aerodynamics over entire flight regime
  • Underlying structure can be lookup table or equation-based
  • Black box simplicity - vehicle forces and moments output based on input of vehicle state and control inputs
  • Analysis of vehicle performance
  • Linear stability and control analysis
  • Nonlinear 6-degree-of-freedom simulation