inspect sensitivity of adverse facility conditions.

In the 1900s, coal miners would send a canary into the mine ahead of them. If the canary became sick, then the miners knew the air was toxic and that they needed to put on respiratory equipment or leave the mine.

AVID Canary, (a specialized model of AVID's 8-inch electric ducted fan vehicle AVID EDF-8), works in a similar way. The UAV platform, armed with air quality sensors, can inspect dangerous areas, such as:

  • biohazard containers
  • coal or gas burners
  • waste containers
  • nuclear reactor compartment

It can transmit information regarding the safety levels of the area. AVID Canary sends the data quickly and securely, ensuring that workers in a hazardous environment receive critical information as early as possible.

AVID EDF-8 is an invaluable, versatile UAV platform that can be tailored to fit your facility needs.

Customer Success:  A higher educational institution is utilizing AVID EDF-8 to add sensors that provide imagery, stereo imagery, and LiDAR, and algorithms that perform localization, localization and map building (SLAM), and data analysis for autonomous flight inside of ballast tanks on naval ships

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