When firefighters use a ducted fan UAV to fight fires, they save time and lives.

Local fire departments benefit from using ducted fans unmanned air vehicles. Often faced with perilous jobs where time is of the essence, firefighters deploy the ducted fan UAV in minutes. Instead of spending rescue time gearing up - firefighters deploy the UAV, assess the situation and take necessary action - immediately.

With a hovering ducted-fan, UAV, firefighters see video footage, giving them instant insight they would not receive from their typical ground-front vantage point. They view the fire from all angles to determine:

  • which parts of the building are giving way to the fire more quickly
  • assess rescue needs

Hovering UAVs, used as an extra pair of eyes, is an opportunity to keep firefighters from entering the building, and prevents them from unnecessary risk.

AVID's unmanned aerial vehicle platform, AVID EDF-8, is ideal for aiding firefighters. It is small and compact, making it easy to navigate through homes and other buildings. It can hover and stare in areas of specific interest to its users. And because it can withstand 1 pound of payload, the vehicle can be customized to fit the user's need such as fixing a camera onto it for live-stream video footage.

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