Safe Deployment in Dangerous Conditions

Why put humans in harms way for a structural inspection when you can safely and cost-effectively deploy an unmanned air vehicle?

Ducted-fan unmanned aerial systems are a safe, harmless platform to quickly inspect the status of any structure, indoors or outdoors, eliminating the need for complex scaffolding or putting staff into precarious situations. They deploy within minutes without cumbersome rigging. Once at the site, they quietly hover in place to allow the operator precise inspection of the area, as well as a 360-degree view of surroundings.

  • Return on Investment -> Exceptional
    • Duct shrouds the fan blade to:
      • carry more payload
      • protect the operator
      • withstand 'bumps' to stay airborne
      • able to fly in and out of GPS aided position control
  • Applications -> Limitless
    • What needs inspection?
      • Bridge inspection (able to fly under the deck)
      • Line inspection (visual or infrared)
      • Building inspection (interior or exterior)

AVID EDF-8 (our 8-inch electric ducted fan UAV) is an ideal platform for structural inspections.

Customer Success:  A higher educational institution is utilizing AVID EDF-8 to add sensors that provide imagery, stereo imagery, and LiDAR, and algorithms that perform localization, localization and map building (SLAM), and data analysis for autonomous flight inside of ballast tanks on naval ships

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