Take away the dirt and danger of fuel tank inspections by using a ducted fan UAV.

Inspecting gas and oil tanks is time consuming and hazardous for tank inspectors. There is significant downtime and costs to empty the tanks before an inspection can take place. Additionally, emptied tanks still hold harmful fumes to any humans entering, no matter how much protective gear is utilized. These risks slow down the data collection process and use valuable time, all costing money.

Using a ducted fan UAV for tank inspection significantly cuts down on time and risk. The tank does not need to be fully emptied if a ducted fan UAV conducts the inspection. The ducted fan UAV can hover to collect data quickly and easily. Additionally, because the fumes have no effect on the vehicle, humans do not run the risk of breathing in toxic fumes. Instead, they can safely operate the vehicle from a distance using a ducted fan UAV with an affixed camera and/or sensors to inspect the tank.

AVID's unmanned aerial system platform, AVID EDF-8, is an excellent way to prevent the dirty and dangerous aspects for inspectors of tank inspections. AVID EDF-8 is small and compact, fitting easily into tanks. In addition, it can hover and stare at areas of particular interest to the inspector. The duct shrouds the vehicle fan so bumping into the sides of the tank does not cause the vehicle to fail or cause damage to the tank. Using a ducted fan UAV is just as thorough and is more efficient than an inspector in the tank.

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